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Fanfiction: Cracks on the Ceiling P/??

Mar. 4th, 2009 | 01:31 pm
mood: tired tired
posted by: croix_souillees in choco_fondue

Title: Cracks on the Ceiling
Authors: <lj user="croix_souillees"> and <lj user="artimusdin">
Series: FF7
Pairing/s: None as of yet
Notes: If there are any typos, please forgive us for them. ^^; If you find any, please comment and we'll get to it quickly.

"Oh, hey, what does this button do?"

"No, don't push that!"

And lo, the flushing was heard 'round the 'verse.


"A single flap of a butterfly's wing can
cause a chain of events with unlimited effects."


Cracks on the Ceiling

"I'm sorry, Cloud."

"Zack- Zack-?!"


"Hey, Cloud, you awake? Clouuud?" The light flickered as a someone passed between him and it. It took all his self-control to not let anything show on his face. "Damn, he's really out of it."

"After last night, I'd be surprised if he is." A second voice pitched in, low and understanding. "Though where do you suppose he got to last night? We were all pretty wasted... Those clothes look pretty expensive."

A snicker. The sound grated on his too-sensitive nerves. "Sorry Gus, I don't bat for the other team."

He didn't recognize any of them. They were bickering now, making his headache worse. The voices were unfamiliar, making him wonder where he'd crashed and why that he'd let anyone drag him anywhere at all, much less on a... bed?

Cloud's eyes cracked open, taking in the crisscross of wires that held the mattress above his head and turned his head to the side. This place... looked familiar, strangely, and something about it was nagging him in the back of his mind.

"He's awake!" One of them crowed as he was tugged out of bed. He almost fell on his face because good reflexes were pretty useless when his boots were a few sizes too big. "Quickly, get dressed. It's finally our first day as official military men!"

"You make that sound so gay."

"What is it with you and gay jokes? Got a fixation?"

The brunet was waving his hand, one that Cloud recognized as Aerith's 'pish' movement. "We're in the military. Didn't you get the memo?"

"Wait, what...?" He mumbled, blinking at the three teenagers still bickering over... something. One of them was rummaging under the bed he was in, and then his arms being abruptly shoved full of rough fabric.

"Get dressed already!" The tallest of the lot pushed him into the bathroom with a friendly, almost fatherly grin that looked almost strange on such a young face. It was more suitable to - and a bit more worrying when it turned into - a wider, predatory grin. The taller boy gave Cloud a once-over, the smile never wavering. "If you need any help, or if you take too long, we'll shove Gus in to help you."


The redhead smacked him in the shoulder. Thankfully, and gratefully, Cloud found the door was able to filter some of the noise out. With a confused sigh, he stared at the oddly familiar clothing in his hands. He frowned at it before moving over to the sink, thoroughly washing his face. Just... what exactly was going on? Last he remembered, he was in... he was... somewhere, before he was here. He closed his eyes, trying to recall, letting the water drown out the other sounds.

Water. ... yes. He was delivering some of Aeris' water. He was close to Healin, wasn't he? Then why...?

He peered up, closing the tap to see how bad he looked and ended up staring.


Reflected on the surface was a face he hadn't seen since before he'd woken up with his personality fragmented and patched together by the life of his friend. It was the same, and yet not. The same facial structure, the same wild hair when he let it move about naturally. And yet, the eyes that stared back at him were wider, brighter, and glowed under the artificial light, just like a SOLDIER's.

This was what he remembered of himself, from when he was still young. And the clothes he wore were mocking him, hanging off him as if he was a child playing in his father's clothes.

What the hell-?!

"Cloud! We're gonna be late! Do you seriously need help getting dressed?!"



Jan. 19th, 2008 | 04:19 pm
posted by: croix_souillees in choco_fondue

Meme? 8DDD


Ask any of the characters I roleplay a question and I'll reply in-character as them with an answer. Feel free to ask them ANYTHING, regardless of whether you know their canon or not. Feel free to also ask them as your own character. They will respond accordingly.

Naminé [[Kingdom Hearts]] -> witch_of_memory
Cloud Strife [[Final Fantasy VII]] -> whatsajailbait
Aerith Gainsborough [[Final Fantasy VII]] -> matteru


(no subject)

Jan. 14th, 2008 | 09:12 pm
posted by: croix_souillees in choco_fondue

For Patts:

Commission lineartCollapse )



Dec. 21st, 2007 | 11:08 am
posted by: croix_souillees in choco_fondue

*beams* Since I finally got around to updating this thing and all, and I've scattered a whole bunch of my stuff everywhere, I thought it was time to actually put all the links and ideas into one place where I'd have access to it without the hassle of looking for them.

The ones listed below are the ones I even remotely like, kthx.

Oh, and beware the FFVII Spam. And I'm not digging around for my YGO stuff. That's like... suicidal.

Altona BraverCollapse )

CrossoversCollapse )

D. Gray-ManCollapse )

Final Fantasy VIICollapse )

Kingdom HeartsCollapse )

Soukyuu no FafnerCollapse )

... uhm. There's too many...?


[Fanart] Final Fantasy VII: TMH Zack and Cloud

Nov. 14th, 2007 | 05:47 am
posted by: croix_souillees in choco_fondue

Title: N/A // True My Heart Arc
Artist: Inami
Rating: G
Fandom/Series: Final Fantasy VII
Character/s: Zack Fair, Cloud Strife
Warnings: HS AU. Much Gah.
Spoilers: None.
Artist's Note: Much gah at FFVII HS AU, even if it's ZackxCloud. Crisis Core hangover much? Much gah at the fact that it's expanding.

I'm such a Nokia girl. Gah @ Zack's sense of style and his cellphone.

TMH:Cloud and Zack sketchesCollapse )


[Fanfiction] Final Fantasy VII: Untitled snippet

Nov. 13th, 2007 | 12:15 am
music: True My Heart
posted by: croix_souillees in choco_fondue

Title: Untitled snippet
Rating: G
Fandom/Series: Final Fantasy VII
Character/s: Zack Fair, Cloud Strife
Summary: Cheesy high school AU. Need I say more?
Warnings: Future Zack/Cloud UST, unbeta'd, copy-pastad from Meru's replies page and vaguely edited.
Spoilers: None.
Author's Note:
The inspiration: The last picture. What broke me: The video. The person who did it all? Ru-chan. Oh my GOD, you effing brokening me, meru_neko. You... effing broke me. And I know, I just know how proud you are to be able to do so. I can't stop watching the VIDEO! AND I CAN'T LOOK AT MY CELLPHONE THE SAME WAY EVER AGAIN. EVER. Do you know how much I USE that thing every day? MY PSP HAS THE SONG IN IT, SIMPLY BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE AN I-POD TO STICK IT IN.  So yes, I'm getting off my lazy ass to write you Zack/Cloud highschool AU. I hate you.

My six-years long friend/beta thinks that the idea is adorable but prefers no outright gaylove. She is the reason why I'm even considering this seriously:

(Car trip from school)
Nikka: Dude, that's cute.
Me: Isn't it? *sigh*
Nikka: But I want it to be you know, just friends.
Me: But...
Nikka: You know, the... "We're just very close-" *does fluttery eyelashes at me, hand moves over mine* "-friends."
Me: *dies laughing*
Nikka: Seriously. Write it.
Me: No.
Nikka: Write it.
Me: But! I have commitment issues!
Nikka: It's either you write it, or you don't.
Me: ... gah.

But then, you guys would actually want the fic, right? So... haha, here. XD;;;
EDIT: And then my brain went and changed the plot on me. At one am in the morning. Much gah. So yes, I'm deviating from this plot to write more cheesy HS AUs. Gods, I hate my life. *heads off*


[La Partita] spoilerz! D: - For Meru

Sep. 15th, 2007 | 05:14 pm
mood: accomplished accomplished
music: Special - Avenue Q
posted by: croix_souillees in choco_fondue

And we have the canon love triangle gracing my journal today. Again, I repeat, canon. The non-canon pairings are killing me.
Ta-da!Collapse )

And so, I add more text/art dump for La Partita. Most of the writings are actually solid now, or just need minor revisions, and mostly workable.

Hopefully. *is shot for being indecisive*

Tentative Designs: Priscilla and Rakshe> Tentative character design and name: Priscilla <img src=Collapse )

Pretties-> FumiesCollapse )

Character Background Information: Rakshe the Destroyer and BetrayerCollapse )


[Art] La Partita: Claude; Ashes: Lunei and Solei

Aug. 26th, 2007 | 12:36 am
posted by: croix_souillees in choco_fondue

And so, the Mangaholix people (but more especially Mr. Ian) looked at my scribble pad trying to pass off as a portfolio and told me to work on dynamic art and to see if I can do panelling and stuffs.

I'm sure that I really, really need to practice panelling but since I have no idea what story to practice with, I'll do that later. When I'm bored and trying to make storyboard stuffs for La Partita that will never see the light of day.

Overall, this is the reason why trying to sketch the twins or any La Partita character in the middle of the night is bad:

And Solei says,Collapse )

Going to bed. Now. Before it gets crazier.


[Art, Fanart] Strade: Rynka; KH: Riku, Roxas ; FFVII: Cloud Strife

Aug. 23rd, 2007 | 05:37 pm
mood: busy busy
music: Real - Sakurai + Fukujun
posted by: croix_souillees in choco_fondue

Yay, artspam!

^^; Sorry for the heavy loading, everyone but I'm sure everyone would have better internet than I do, since well... dial-up, anyone?.

Strade new character:RynkaCollapse )

*sigh* What did I get myself into? Just because Paopei wanted to see Riku in Timeless River, Pride Lands and Halloween Town style did not really mean that I should draw them, you know. Then I got myself thinking about Sora being a vampire and there's the thing about vampires and wolves and wouldn't it be nice if Riku had pretty furry ears?

Halloween Town!Riku trialCollapse )

Timeless River RikuCollapse )

...nope, still not done. Because I had the rather unfortunate urge for tentacle!fic (with no sex?) this lunchtime, I read tir_synni's Unexpected Side-Effects and... kinda went through the succeeding class daydreaming and doodling and struggling with not-quite stable drawing style experimenting with art styles, ended up with Cloud in a shirt that shouldn't be considered a shirt and... well. A mini-experiment on the new Crisis-Core uniform design thing...
And when I mean mini, I mean mini Cloud with uniformCollapse )

Erm. All that aside, meru_neko!!! I was able to butcher and sanitize Strade into an almost-realistic story that's even better than the original! Want a copy?


[Art, Fanart] BGaE: Strade, KH2: Roxas

Aug. 18th, 2007 | 02:55 pm
mood: but inspired! but inspired!
music: Simple and Clean
posted by: croix_souillees in choco_fondue

Holy crap, I disappear for a few days and my inbox gets flooded. *shakes head* Ugh. I hate having to go through xxx+ emails at one go.

And... how sad is it that my work desk doesn't have a pen? At all? *grumbles, digs for a pen and paper to use* Of all the times to announce homework by the ton...

Good news is that my internet's back and I just finished KH2. Talk about ghei. Lots of ghei. Which means that somehow, I'll end up making fanart, glee over the sheer gheiness of it all (come on, the ending???) and... well. Never post said fanart until wheedled into it. *shrugs, goes back to doodling*


Lineart of things I am too lazy to color but will anywayCollapse )

Roxas lineart for CiceqiCollapse )

*goes off to spazz*