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Dec. 21st, 2007 | 11:08 am
posted by: croix_souillees in choco_fondue

*beams* Since I finally got around to updating this thing and all, and I've scattered a whole bunch of my stuff everywhere, I thought it was time to actually put all the links and ideas into one place where I'd have access to it without the hassle of looking for them.

The ones listed below are the ones I even remotely like, kthx.

Oh, and beware the FFVII Spam. And I'm not digging around for my YGO stuff. That's like... suicidal.

Altona Braver by kurot
Melancholy Series - [SioulxHeid]

??? [Ficlets]
My take on how Sioul and Kazuki's relationship.

Happiness Is...
What If?

NarutoxFinal Fantasy VII
Correspondence Series
Can be found here.

D. Gray-Man
Dream - [KxLaxA?]

Final Fantasy VII
TMH Arc - [ZxC]
Can be found

A Guide-How to Care for a Chocoboi
A Guide: How to Care for a Chocoboi
Chapter 1: So you want to catch a Chocoboi
Chapter 2: Setting up a Happy Home
Chapter 3: Behavior: Are you sure you want it?
Chapter 4: Handling: Feeding and Grooming
Chapter 5: Taming: How to keep your Chocoboi happy
Chapter 6: Oh no! My Chocoboi is sick!

Waiting - [ZxC] Doujinshi?
For meru_neko, ZxC set in AC.

Jailbait [ZxC] [PG-13?]
At age 16 and 21/23, Cloud still looks 12-15. Of course we have to explore this phenomena in a crack AU setting.
Teaser: "Where can I find a legal adult both pretty and physically misleading enough who would consent to being molested by a kidnapper?!"

Asylum - [ZxC] Doujinshi
Playing with Crisis Core and Advent Children. Cloud learns something he should have known but never really thought about: before Zack was SOLDIER, he was a common grunt.
Omake!: Zack thinks after meeting the MP Cloud. Like all mature teenagers, he thinks with his hands.

Medley - [ZxC]
Prompts: Book, desktop, barracks and chocolate play. Also known as the badfic trying to be a goodfic.
Part One
Part Two

Can be found in code_zc.

All ZxC works would probably end up there anyway, so just check that one out.

Kingdom Hearts
Misconstrued - [LxC]
Xmas fic for fantasia0829

Soukyuu no Fafner
What Makes a Man

... uhm. There's too many...?

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